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In Canada boxes can range from micro ring size to gaylord shipping watermelon and beyond sizes, and, of course, everything in between.

If shipping books, flat items, or marketing materials, such as presentation binders, cd’s, media etc., the “folder/mailer” option is an excellent choice. Quick simple, no need to add extra cushioning, and can order multiple sizes.  Try out our Custom Box Calculator, and see how quick and simple it is to get the perfect size.

How would you like to … Produce any style box. Any Size. Price in seconds. Boxes in hours.  No set-up. Same day shipping?

Why use Custom Fitted Boxes Canada?

Right sizing offers several key advantages: ELIMINATE DAMAGES - Perfect fit at least doubles your protection, SAVE MONEY - by Eliminating Dunnage or “stuffing”, SAVE SHIPPING - by reducing the cubed weight, and SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT – by reducing waste.

Whether you’re a large multi-national conglomerant or a small business – it’s just as quick and simple for all. Since we are a Canada boxes manufacturer, all quantities of all styles (ie RSC, die-cut, 5 panel wrap) are available – no matter if it’s hundreds of thousands for a large project, or a microlot for samples, we do it all.

Nothing says professional like a die-cut with a fold over lid. Not to mention ultra-fast packing, saving time on payroll and processing. Keep your edge, all the while helping the bottom line.

If you value the environment and own a pizza franchize or the whole pizza company, an excellent option would be the 5 panel wrap, as all our products use 95% post-consumer recycled corrugated linerboard.

Choose from:

Regular Slotted Container Regular Slotted Container  
Folder/Mailer Folder/Mailer  
Die-Cut with a Fold Over Lid Die-Cut with a Fold Over Lid  
5 Panel Wrap 5 Panel Wrap  
Pad/Sheet Pad/Sheet  

Single wall boxes - would be made out of the sheet as it is
Double wall boxes - have two sheets glued together to make one box
Triple wall boxes – have three sheets glued together to make one box

Why More Companies Choose AnyBoxToday For Their Canada Boxes:

With our recent addition of CNC box-making equipment we are now able to supply instant turnaround "microlots", at a much lower price than our custom box competitors. We are very excited about this new technology and enjoy providing lean box supply in Canada and North America!

Try out our Custom Box Calculator!

Going Green

Since the inception of the Kyoto accord, the overall intent has been raised on cleaning up the industrial processes by many nations. Canada has played a pivitol roll in expediting the repair of the environment, by enlisting new ways of recycling, composting and re-using as many waste products as possible. One of these ways is sustainable secondary packaging with Canada boxes. The Packaging Association of Canada has had a key roll in this.

By using sustainable secondary packaging, believes it is benefiting future generations by using 95% post-consumer recycled corrugated linerboard.

Custom boxes also reduces a large amount of excess waste by having the right size, no unnecessary extra packaging material is required, and less footprint as it also reduces the cubed weight for shipping.

How Fast Will My Order Ship?

All orders of boxes to Canada are typically produced same day (or night) and are shipped either at the end of the same day or first at a.m. next business day. Delivery time is determined by the delivery priority service you choose. Shipment to the US may take a few days longer.

You have the choice of picking up your boxes yourself or having them delivered by UPS.

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