If there is any other custom packaging idea you would like us to quote on, email your requirements via the Contact Us page, or call our Sales team at 1.877.3210.BOX (1.877.321.0269). We also offer protective packaging solutions, moving boxes and shipping supplies straight from our inventory. If you’re not sure which is best suited to your needs, just call us at 1.877.3210.BOX (1.877.321.0269) and one of our experienced Sales staff will be happy to advise you.

The Environment

What is AnyBoxToday doing to reduce its environmental impact?

We take our responsibility to the environment very seriously. Many of the products we sell are made from recycled materials and we always try to indicate where products are recyclable and/or compostable. By manufacturing custom sized boxes to order, and also offering a very wide range of stock cardboard boxes, we also help cut waste by reducing the need for additional packing materials to fill empty space. Our board typically averages 95% post-consumer recycled corrugated linerboard.

Site security

  1. Will they be used for marketing purposes?

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    We may on occasion email you with details of our latest offers or to keep you informed of new products added to our range. You can stop these at any time by following the ‘unsubscribe’ link on each email.

  2. Do you ever share my details?

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    We will never share your details with a third party without your permission.

  3. Is your site secure?

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    We promise to protect your personal information and we assure you that any page that asks you for personal information is highly secure. How are my delivery details stored?  Your personal details – contact details, email address, order history etc – are stored on a secure server to help make buying from AnyBoxToday a quick and convenient experience. Please note that we never store your credit or debit card details entered online, so you will need to input these each time you make a purchase.

Why use custom fitted boxes?

Perfect fit at least doubles your protection – ELIMINATES DAMAGES

Eliminate Dunnage or “stuffing” – SAVE MONEY

Reduce Cube Weight – SAVE SHIPPING


  1. What if I choose the wrong size?

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    Please select your sizes carefully – we check our production orders to your specifications. Errors do occur every now and then – if it is our error we reship immediately free of charge. If you make the error we will be happy to redo the order to your revisions, and we offer a 50% discount on the replacement order to help minimize the cost of fixing the mistake. Please call us if you have any questions on sizing or styles, so you are absolutely sure.

  2. How long will it take to get the order?

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    All orders are typically produced same day (or night) and are shipped either at the end of the same day or first at a.m. next business day. Delivery time is determined by the delivery priority service you choose.