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If you were wondering where to buy custom cardboard boxes – you’ve come to the right place!

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The king of standard boxes, this has flaps that meet in the middle, top and bottom.


Perfect for low flat items such as books, signups, printed sheets, etc. Tape once on top only, right down the middle.


Perfect for long, narrow items. Load flat, wrap around, tape or staple at ends and side.


The Pad/Sheet is a flat piece of corrugated with or without scores. Amongst its many functions, pads are often used as an added layer of protection, to separate products or layers of product, to cover pallets, or as a space filler.


Choose board strength:


BC Flute — We use 48BC FLUTE, a very strong DOUBLEWALL grade that offers maximum crush/impact protection.


C Flute — We use 200LB 32 C FLUTE, a strong SINGLEWALL grade that offers medium protection and ships well.


Type in measurements and quantity:


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